Microsoft Reveals X-Box Music At E3 Electronics Show

At a keynote event ahead of this week’s E3: Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Microsoft revealed it is launching a new music service called “X-Box Music,” which will replace the Microsoft “Zune” music service.

In October 2011, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of all Zune hardware, encouraging users to transition to Windows Phone. In June 2012, Microsoft confirmed the death of the Zune brand.

The X-Box Music announcement came in the form of a promo video during the keynote. The X-Box Music library will contain some 30 million songs and not only be available on all X-Box 360’s but also on Windows 8 PCs, tablets and phones.

Not many other details where made available about the service at the time, but some report those familiar with the service may find it similar to “Spotify.” The service, which CNET first reported on, could give the music labels another high-profile distribution channel. While the Zune never made much of an impact with consumers, the Xbox already comes with a large installed base of users.

The X-Box announcement is one of the first pieces of news coming out of E3 that will surely include other stories about what’s coming to the electronics entertainment business. The Expo officially begins today, and runs through Thursday. It is being held in the L.A. Convention Center and will see over 200 of the industry’s electronics companies presenting new games, gadgets, and innovations.

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