Xbox 360 short lived as Nintendo Wii dominates

The Nintendo Wii has made a comeback by soaring to the crown of the charts once again. NPD Group has stated in its report that Wii was the number one selling gaming console in the US market last month.

Wii sold a whopping 519,000 units, easily outpacing Xbox 360, which came in second in the next-gen race with 366,000. PlayStation 3 trailed the pack, coming in with only 121,000 consoles. By comparison, the PS2 sold 184,000 altogether. PS2 is the console that will not die.

PS3 sales are widely expected to increase this month since the competitive price drop down to $399 was officially announced in November.

Xbox 360 had overtaken Wii in the previous month after the launch of the Halo 3 competitive game which helped Microsoft dominate in sales of the console.

Nintendo however continues to face supplies shortage in the US market which is hurting their sales figures and has already admitted that there will be holiday shortages.

Despite being on the market for a full year now, sales for PS3s are still behind its competitors.

Sony is confident that with its library of over 200 titles, more than 60 million pieces of content downloaded in the last year, and a revolutionary system with Sony’s entry into the hi-def DVD format war, its system will be a long lasting competitor in the so-called “Console War”.