Xbox 360 gets Mass Effect

The main character in “Mass Effect” for the Xbox 360 is a tough human soldier called Commander Shepard. The player will have to assume the soldier’s crucial role for starting the thrilling adventure and direct Shepard’s ship, the SSV Normandy, towards new places and new battles.

Casey Hudson, the man that spent almost three years directing the developing team behind this project, explained that the game’s title is related to what the physicists are currently calling “dark energy” in real life. Inside the game’s universe, the “mass effect” is a physics phenomenon that the humans have just discovered and that some alien creatures can sense and manipulate.

Mass Effect will definitely change the world of video gaming as you knew it before, and the fact that the competitive game was released only for Xbox 360 represents an important move for Microsoft.

Although the game’s story doesn’t seem to be quite unique (the hero has to fight alien species, as well as his own fears, and eventually to save the entire Universe), Mass Effect offers a gameplay experience that no other games offered before. Mass Effect offers the player the viable possibility of choosing a human approach in finding the solutions. The player is able to choose what seems for him or her to be the best decision, even if this threatens the immediate future of all the life forms in the galaxy.

Mass Effect is different from all the other games because it comes closer to real life. Its characters have feelings, and they are not ashamed to show them. BioWare was innovative enough to use some of the most sophisticated graphics for “drawing” the characters’ faces and not only the battles’ explosions.

The competitive game seems to be rather “filmed,” just like a movie, so that the players can see the expressive face of the acquired character and how they react and physically feel in different situations. BioWare was able to even render the speaking digital faces of the characters which seemed to be almost impossible up up to the present moment.