Xbox 360 Warranty Service Rating

According to a detailed study published by SquareTrade, the results for video game console warranties unveil a 16.4% failure rating for the Microsoft Xbox 360.

The actual breakdown is 171 claims out of sample size of 1040 purchased warranties. The sample consisted mostly of Premium units, which taken on their own had a slightly higher 17% failure rate.

About 60% of the failures were the famed Red Ring, but various other types of errors rounded out the statistic, including disc read errors, video card failures, hard drive freezes, power issues, and disc tray malfunctions.

The disc tray complaints were the top problem for the Xbox 360 during its initial shipment. It’s obvious that the problem still exists, as well as other disc read errors.

The new published official report does note that this only tracks up to 10 months after the warranty purchase, while the failure rate is likely to increase after that time period.

It’s also worth pointing out that since Microsoft’s Red Ring of Death warranty extension was introduced last July, some users may be going directly to the parent company instead.