Xbox 360: Sony Blu-ray DVD drive for the Microsoft Xbox?

The Xbox 360 folks from Microsoft are currently in talks with Sony about the possibilities of adding a Blu-ray option to its video game console.

Microsoft has always supported the HD DVD format, which Toshiba exited a couple weeks ago, while Sony wants Blu-ray to adjust to the needs of the consumer.

Sony already has the Blu-ray option available from their very own PlayStation 3 unit, but so far, the company isn’t afraid of a little competition. The other concern is the price for the Blu-ray. It is not known if this would drive up the price of the Xbox 360, should Microsoft choose Blu-ray, or if it would not have an impact since the PS3 has a Blu-ray drive which sells 70% less than the full Blu-ray player.

If Blu-ray is truly the new DVD standard, it would make sense that Microsoft would make it available for their Xbox 360 game unit.

Microsoft refuses to ascknowledge that such any discussion about Blu-ray is taking place.

“We have made no such announcement. Games are what are driving consumers to purchase game consoles and we remain focused on providing the largest library of blockbuster games available.”

However, that can only go so far without DVD drive options. The Blu-ray trend is becoming more obvious among Hollywood Studios and other game publishers.

What will happen with the Xbox 360 choice of a DVD drive remains to be seen.