Xbox 360 Sales Surge 36%

Microsoft’s price cut for the Xbox 360 in Europe has resulted in an immediate and significant sales increase in the UK. The company dropped the price of the Arcade sku to GBP 159, the Pro down to GBP 199, and the Elite down to GBP 259.

Xbox 360 sales have surged at 36 percent since March 14 when the price cut was introduced. The sales jump began almost simultaneously, making the Xbox 360 Arcade sku cheaper than that of the Nintendo Wii.

During the same period PS3 sales rose six percent, while sales of all other systems fell. Software sales across all platforms also dropped week-on-week.

Anaylists suggest that the Xbox 360 sales could continue to climb over the Easter weekend.

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts signed a multiyear agreement with Massive to Offer dynamic in-game advertising on titles for Xbox 360.

The new agreement provides unprecedented opportunities for advertisers to engage with EA’s highly coveted audience, males ages 18 to 34, through its blockbuster games on the Xbox 360 platform.

Massive is an in-game advertising solution for advertisers around the world, including Ford Motor Co. in the U.S., Rogers in Canada, and Puma in Europe. Massive’s long-standing relationship with EA will provide advertisers with extensive reach through EA’s Xbox 360 premium content.