Xbox 360 Price Cuts in Asian Markets

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it will cut prices on its Xbox 360 gaming console in four markets in the Asian region.

Xbox 360 prices have been lowered in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. India was excluded.

The Xbox 360 has sold very well in every part of the world for the most part, except Asia. Asia is one of the last locations where the Xbox 360 has yet to do very well, and Microsoft is hoping to reverse those fortunes.

The game console has been dropped by 19.5 percent in Singapore, 17 percent in Taiwan, 11 percent in Hong Kong and South Korea getting a 5% price cut.

Microsoft is hoping that these price cuts will turn into more sales for their Xbox 360 in the Asian markets, just as they have done in North America and Europe.

The Xbox 360 has fallen to third place in worldwide shipments, with Asia being a major market it needs to continue to truly compete on a global scale against Sony’s PS3 and the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo has become the market leader with their Wii gaming console. Sony has been fighting back with their Playstation 3.