Xbox 360 Demand Soars in Japan

During the week ending August 10, Microsoft Corp sold 28,116 units of the Xbox 360, compared with 10,705 units of the Sony PlayStation 3.

Microsoft has been struggling to stir up interest in Japan for its Xbox 360. However, the gaming console was far behind the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Co Ltd sold 41,044 Wii units during the same week. The Wii has been the worldwide leader in video game console entertainment since its launch in 2006.

The company’s continued success is due to its low price and the new motion-sensing controller. Innovative game titles for the Wii have also been part of the reason. Its “Wii Fit” exercising game is still one of the most popular titles sold.

Nintendo also announced new WiiWare and Virtual Console titles on Monday. WiiWare is a 1-2 player virtual tournament game. It allows players to take a trip across America to compete in a pool tournament worth millions.

Mega Man is a 1-Player side-scrolling title for the NES. Mega Man battles the evil Dr. Wiley and his army of six robots.

Also announced is Neo Turf Masters for the Neo Geo. It’s a golf simulation game offers six golfers and various global courses, including Japan, America, Australia and Germany.