Xbox 360 Sales Surge 100 Percent

Microsoft surprised analysts after its Xbox 360 gaming console outsold the Sony PS3 during the month of August. Microsoft was quick to point out that slashing prices for its video game entertainment console is working.

Retailers saw a 100 percent surge in Xbox 360 sales during the month of August. While the console has beaten the Sony PlayStation 3 in sales, it was very close.

Nintendo Wii once again dominated the entire marketing by selling nearly twice as many units as Microsoft and Sony.

Xbox 360 prices were once again slashed which gave it a boost to take the number two slot ahead of the Sony PS3.

Nintendo Wii sold 453,000 units. Microsoft sold 195,400 consoles while Sony came in third with 185,200 PlayStation 3 units. However, Sony’s PlayStation Portable sold 253,000 units. The numbers show that Microsoft barely beat the Sony PlayStation 3.

Microsoft once again slashed prices on its Xbox 360 last Friday. The prices were reduced by 50 to 80.

The Xbox 360 is being sold for as low as 199 for its basic unit. Microsoft said it’s the most affordable next-generation console available. The company also stated that it gives the consumer more entertainment punch per dollar.