Xbox 360 gets 100 TV episodes

Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon has partnered with Microsoft to offer more than 100 TV episodes for the Xbox 360, available on Xbox Live.

Xbox 360 TV will include Looney Tunes episodes from Warner Bros. featuring characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. The tunes will be available through Xbox Live’s on-demand priced at $1.50 for standard downloads and $1.75 for high-definition versions. There will be 10 episodes available in Spanish.

Nickelodeon is offering “BackYardigans” and will include the entire “Blue’s Clues” library as well as “iCarly” for the new on-demand service.

Microsoft said that the addition to DVD movies and music marks a new expansion for on-demand entertainment.

The company also announced a new Xbox 360 version, dubbed “Arcade,” priced at $279 and has five games bundled, including Pac-Man Championship Edition, Uno and Feeding Frenzy. The console system combines a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector and 256MB of on-board memory for storing games and entertainment content. The new HDMI connector enables users to plug right into a full HDTV-based home entertainment system which can display games or movies at 1080i resolution.

The Xbox 360 console beat Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 in sales last month with nearly 600,000 units sold.