Xbox 360 to offer ESPN sporting events

Xbox 360 is set to feature high definition and standard definition sporting events, television shows and video game programming from ESPN to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

ESPN programming features full-length NCAA college football and basketball games, Summer X Games 13, the 2007 World Series of Poker, the 2007 season of The Contender, the surfing documentary “Down the Barrel,” and both seasons of the 2006 and 2007 reality series Madden Nation where it features the world of Madden NFL football competitive video gaming. ESPN content will be updated weekly with new events and shows.

The mutual agreement embodies ESPN to deliver the best sports content to fans on the robust Xbox 360 digital format to hit millions of people. A spokesperson at ESPN said the cooperative relationship with Microsoft, the Xbox 360 actively allows the sports giant more innovative ways to reach their targeting audience through next-generation distribution.

Xbox Live Marketplace contains more than 3,200 hours of content from more than 30 studios and networks featuring downloadable movies and TV shows in high definition. The professional shows will cost $2.40 for the high definition versions, and $4.50 for the HD sporting events. Microsoft for now has no other competition in the HD sporting events.