Yahoo Opens Up Network

Yahoo Inc plans to open areas of its traditional network to other services. Outside sources will be able to offer content throughout most of the company’s network.

Yahoo Music will feature information about songs and artists from other sources such as Apple iTunes and Amazon. The online music site will actively begin outside sourcing later this month.

“We are going to completely open up Yahoo Music in the next few weeks,” Scott Moore, the executive responsible for Yahoo’s media businesses, said in a statement.

Yahoo executives have discussed ways to open up its network to feature outside content. One way on doing this is with a new application from outside services.

The search engine company demonstrated how it is incorporating applications from services such as NetFlix. The video-rental company can deliver content inside Yahoo Mail such as top video rentals, new movie releases and reviews. Yahoo Mail counts for 275 million users worldwide.

Yahoo News is another area of the network where partners can deliver content on its main page. News is the second most-visited Web page after its home page.

Other executives highlighted recent announcements to feature Yahoo and other Web content on Yahoo services aimed at mobile phones and televisions.