YouTube Offers New Tools For Video Sharing

YouTube, the popular video sharing web site owned by Google, is offering a new set of free tools that let Web developers to connect to its database.

Google said Wednesday that it is providing wholesale access to its YouTube video library and global audience to feature video hosting and network streaming.

YouTube said the tools will allow anyone building a Web site or Internet software application to upload videos straight to its site to fetch video feeds, comments, responses or playlists.

Web developers can also allow users to rate videos or add them to a favorites list embedded within their own web sites. Other features include customize and full control of the Adobe Flash video player software.

The technical term for the new tools are known as APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) that allow developers to build a vanilla Flash player. This allows developers to create a video window stripped of formatting such as title bar, browser buttons or status bars.

The new set of APIs can be used in conjunction with the existing ones launched last year.