China Blocks YouTube

Attempts in China to connect with YouTube was met with a blank screen and an error message saying the web page could not be displayed. Other sites, such as the web pages for the BBC, The Guardian and Flickr, have also been blocked by the Chinese government.

The Chinese government has blocked public access in the troubled country after video clips began appearing on the web site showing violent unrest in the Tibetan capital Lhasa. The riots triggered a virtual lockdown of the city by security forces.

China has kept a tight lid on news out of Lhasa, with foreign journalists being denied access and foreign tourists ordered out of the city.

The India-based Tibetan exiled government says at least 80 deaths have been confirmed, but China officials say the death toll is at 10.

The domestic feed for CNN has also been blocked by the Chinese government after it ran a story about the Tibet unrest.

China entered new online video restrictions in late January that critics saw as an extension of the Communist Party’s tight noose on the nation’s media outlets.

Chinese video sharing sites such as Tudou are not hosting video content on the Tibet unrest amid fears that they too will be shut down or blocked by the government.