YouTube Gets A User-Friendly Update

Youtube News – YouTube was just updated, making it more user friendly.

The Internet video sharing site released their latest attempt to make navigation easier for all. Their idea was to make it as easy as searching for a show on TV. They have added filtering options and reorganized the layout into three vertical columns, this after being criticized often for have search results return almost random videos.

In an attempt to make YouTube more personalized they have added a customizable feature that allows viewer’s to see others favorite channels and see what videos are being posted by their friends on Facebook. With the new innovation done, this has become Googles biggest adjustment to the website since they took ownership for $1.76 billion five years ago.

While YouTube has also been criticized lately for adding advertisements, they have shown it will be a continued addition to bring in profit and to keep the website free. Next year Google has also announced they plan to bring more attention to over 100 celebrities using their channels, again hoping to boost their traffic and productivity.

Google is also hoping that the new look and user friendly searching will help increase their Google TV production, which has been lacking. Not surprising since many major networks like Fox, ABC and The Walt Disney Co.’s have blocked their content.