3 Day Cruises Offer Relief From Cold Weather

3 day cruises offer relief from cold weather. Cruises for a 3 day getaway are actually popular from Florida to the Bahamas. A lot of families are taking a break from the colder temperatures.

Cruises are going cheap for a 3 day boarding pass at Port Canaveral. Many families are leaving for warmer temperatures. A good cruise from Florida to the Bahamas is actually cheap.

Cruise ships such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean set sail every weekend. Some staterooms are going between $200 to $300, depending on availability. It’s not a bad price since all the meals are included.

The average temperature in the Caribbean and Bahamas is about 74 degrees. That’s not bad for a three day cruise getaway. Most of the country is seeing record low temperatures, but some people are leaving for a 3-day weekend package in warmer climate.