Adrian Vazquez, Lost Fisherman, Sues Princess Cruise Line

Adrian Vazquez, who was one of three lost fisherman adrift in the ocean, is suing Princess Cruise line after a passing ship failed to rescue them when they signaled for help, leaving them lost for another several days with his two companions dying of exposure.

The three Panamanian fishermen had their engine break down on their small vessel during a night fishing trip in the Pacific ocean on February 24th. It was 16 days before they saw another vessel, which was the cruise ship on March 10th. The men tried to signal the ship by waving brightly-colored clothing and their arms.

Several passengers on the ship were said to have noticed the distress signals and tried to alert the captain when they noticed the ship was not sending help. The captain denies, however, receiving any messages of the fisherman or noticing them adrift.

One passenger later that night tried to e-mail the coordinates of the ship to the Coast Guard to alert them of the fisherman they saw, and that it looked like they were adrift. The fisherman were not found for another 10 days later near Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands. However, Fernando Osorio, 16, and Elvis Oropeza, 31, had already succumbed to dehydration and exposure.

18-year-old Vazquez’s attorney Edna Ramos filed the suit in the state of Florida claiming negligence on behalf of Princess Cruise Lines. Ramos said the lawsuit includes testimony from two cruise ship passengers who have said they saw the disabled boat and reported it to a cruise representative on the Star Princess liner.

Two passengers who were sight seeing with binoculars, have claimed they alerted Princess staff of what they saw and the staff member later assured them they had alerted the ship’s crew.

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