Airline Passengers Use Facebook To Profile Fliers, Seat Mates

Airline Passengers Facebook – Airline passengers can use their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to choose their fellow fliers and seat mates, known as Social Seating, on KLM. It’s an interesting idea that will roll out in 2012, according to a representative. In fact, no other air carrier is offering the service and it’s a perfect way for travelers to match their seating.

The airline plans to allow fliers access about other travelers by querying their public profile, which is stored in the airlines’s social media database.

A passenger can choose their seating partner by going online and checking onto the flight. They can choose who to sit next to based on similar interests and other information that’s provided by the user in their public profile. This can make flying better for the airline because it will save boarding time and other resources.

KLM also stated that their policy would allow customers to opt out of the service. The project is still in development and is being tested in various markets. We were unable to obtain additional details about the service, but a representative said it would be posted in January on their website.

Integrating a social network into the business realm hasn’t been easy for other services. AirTroductions, which is a company that offers an online dating service for frequent travelers, failed in its attempt to offer a similar service as KLM.

The service sounds promising for travelers on long flights because they have the opportunity to choose who they want to sit next to.

Malaysia Airlines is another carrier that is developing a Facebook app that will offering access to passengers to find a flight that matches someone in their “friends” list. They can choose to search the flight and destination. This one a new offering that’s never been tested before.

Airline passengers on Facebook can use the “KLM Passport” iPhone app that can allow users to share their trip photos and movies automatically.

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