​Sailing On Carnival Cruise Line? Not So Fast…

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Dec. 16, 2015

A recent Carnival Sensation review on a website called About Cruise Ships sounds all too familiar.

The website is operated by a company that sails multiple ships throughout the year. They provide a different review feel by making it more personal instead of a block-style rating system that can be too plain and bulky for most. They provide more detail about their cruising experience.

The site is new, but so far they have been on several cruises and are adding new reviews each week.

While they did talk about the pros and cons of Carnival Cruise Line, they said it was more of a “party boat” on the upper decks. The writer, John Cruz, said he tried to eat from their late-night buffet as it “seemed as if the top deck was transformed into one big party, almost like an outdoor nightclub, with people dancing and bumping into others who were trying to make a plate at the buffet.”

The reviewer goes on to say, “There were a lot of rude people, mostly drunk, who were very loud” and as he went back to his room, he “ran into more drunks in the elevator and hallways. For a moment, I thought perhaps I booked the wrong cruise line or something,” he said.

It sounds familiar because I too have been on a Carnival Cruise, and that’s exactly what I thought. The first night was a party-boat scene with drunks walking around and rude people pushing, especially at the Midnight Buffet.

However, the reviewer was fair by stating that the noise was only on the first night and that his time on the Carnival Sensation was pleasant thereafter.

As far as security and other concerns, Cruz wrote, “I was quite comfortable with the atmosphere since the staff was seen and available at all times. There were security personnel walking around the ship, waiters, and management staff. There was no need to feel unsafe.”

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