Cheap Flights and Promotional Upgrades

Cheap Flights – Reasonable priced flights are hard to come by, but if you know the right questions, you can get yourself a cheap upgrade and travel in style. Did you know that the padding on airline seats are getting thinner? In order to save fuel and squeeze in more passengers, it’s been minimized.

Now, more than ever, upgrading to a seat with more personal space can be a sanity-saver. Here are some ways to help make your next flight more comfortable at a “minimal” cost.

First, buy a coach seat with extra legroom. JetBlue, Delta, United and other airlines will sell you a few extra inches of legroom at the front of the economy cabin or at exit rows for a cheap upgrade fee. JetBlue charges as little as $10 extra for seats with 38 inches between rows, and even the standard seats have 34 inches between rows, rather than the 30-31 inches typical on some airlines.

Another option is to buy a cheap domestic business class seat on a discount airline. Airtran and Spirit sell roomier business class seats for far less than most other airlines. Airtran will let you upgrade to business class from any fare at the airport on a first-come, first served basis for $69.

You can also buy a non-refundable discounted business or first class seat on network airline flights. Although not exactly “cheap,” airlines sell business and first class fares at discounts on their websites.

For example, on a Los Angeles to Miami nonstop, American was recently selling economy class seats for as little as $149 each way including tax. But AA was also selling non-refundable “first special” flights for a mere $368 each way. Just to show you how nonsensical airfares are, “instant upgrade” fares from economy to business class were going for $840 each way, so first class was actually less than half business class.

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