Costa Allegra Cruise Ship Catches Fire And Adrift

More trouble for Costa Cruise lines as another ship, the Costa Allegra, has trouble and catches fire while out to sea in the Indian Ocean on Monday, crippling the ship and setting it adrift.

Smaller than the Concordia that crashed on the rocks of the Italian coast last month, the Allegra had around 1,000 people aboard when the fire started in the electric generator room.

According to the cruise line, there were no casualties or injuries due to the fire; the ship’s alarms were sounded and passengers gathered at their muster stations, as fire fighters and the fire suppression systems but the fire out quickly.

In comparison to the 114,137 ton Concordia, the Allegra at 28,597 tons, was sailing from Madagascar to the Seychelles when the fire disabled the ship.

“The fire did not spread to any other area of the ship,” the line says in a statement. “Inspections of the engine room are ongoing to determine when the equipment can be restarted.”

The fire has caused a loss of power to the ship’s engines and knocked out the lights and air conditioning, while emergency generators kept lights on in the ship’s bridge and kept radio’s working.

Adrift and stable in 5-foot seas, about 200 miles from the Seychelles, passengers were being kept together in communal rooms rather than their separate cabins as tugs boats, expected to arrive at the ship on Tuesday afternoon, headed towards the lame ship.

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