Costa Concordia 30% Discount Stirs Outrage Among Cruise Ship Survivors

Costa Concordia discount for Carnival Cruise line ship survivors stirs outrage and the company is not doing a good job so far when it comes to its public relationships department with its latest 30% offering.

Whether Costa ever actually extended the discount to the survivor’s or not was not 100% clear, as the news broke Costa and Carnival denied the discount story then later refuted the original denial.

One cruiser, said of hearing about the discount, “It is a ridiculous and insulting offer. I’m very disappointed in them. They are not accepting their responsibilities at all. Our only back-up is separate legal action.”

Costa and Carnival have also been receiving heat due to the fact that Carnival head Micky Arison, has yet speak about the incident, while Carnival stands behind the fact that they let their subsidiary businesses operate as independent ones, perhaps in attempt to distance the Carnival name from the tragedy.

Julie Silver Talenfeld, president of Boardroom Communications, a PR firm in Plantation, said “Micky Arison should come out, and take ownership, and get in front of the story.”

A PR crisis veteran out of Miami, Bruce Rubin, echoed Talenfeld’s thought’s saying, “If I was counseling Micky, I would have had him go to the scene. Micky is a likeable guy and pretty well known. This is one of those cases where I think the presence of the CEO would have been helpful.”

Thus far Carnival has only extended a offer of help from Carnival executives if Costa personnel could not handle the situation and asked for the help. So far 15 deaths have been confirmed in the sinking, out of the over 4,200 people who were aboard with some still missing.

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