Crazy TSA Horror Stories – 91.9 Million Americans Will Travel (Real Photos)

Crazy TSA Stories – The crazy TSA horror stories keep coming as 91.9 million Americans will travel. We all know how important it is to have good security when we are in airports, or when we travel, but there are times when things get out of hand. When this happens, it becomes a nightmare for passengers, and the crew.

Some passengers are alleging “sexual assault” during TSA pat downs. Could this be true? The male passenger appeared drunk and obnoxious. It was all caught on tape.

In Salt Lake City International Airport, an 8-year-old was being patted down by a TSA agent. The boy had removed his shirt and seemed very uncomfortable during the search, even resisting a few times, but the agents continued. It seems very humiliating for his father to have to hold the boy’s arms up until the friendly agent was finished with the procedure.

Thomas Sawyer will probably never fly again. He is a bladder cancer survivor who was left crying in shame, humiliated, and covered with his own urine following a TSA search at the Detroit International Airport.

Sawyer informed the agents that he uses a urostomy bag, which connects from his stomach to the bag exterior, but the agents would have none of that. They didn’t care about his medical condition. He warned the agents that the bag can break easily, but the handled it anyway, leaving him soaked.

You might ask, “How much of this is really true?” You could be asking why this happens to us “little people,” but hold on and read what’s next.

Cathy Bossi is a breast cancer survivor and a flight attendant for U.S. Airways. Yes, we did say U.S. Airways. She was forced by the TSA to show her prosthetic breast during a routine search. Bossi said the agent put her (female agent) hand on the breast asking what it was and that the whole experience was horrific.

However, let’s switch the tables a bit. If you were conducting the search and felt something this unusual, wouldn’t you want to see it for yourself? Guess who gets blamed if it was a bomb and they didn’t check?

One man decided to stand up for his rights! That’s right, John Tyner refused it all at the San Diego International Airport, when he told the TSA that the pat down was a complete violation of his rights and was illegal. Since he wouldn’t allow them to search him, they escorted him out of the airport and he missed his flight. In fact, once you refuse the search, your privilege to board that flight is forfeited.

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