Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Cay Is Magic

Disney Cruise Line – The Disney Cruise Line has a little special getaway island called Castaway Cay as a destination from their ships. Most travelers will tell you that there’s nothing like it, and some will tell you that it’s a magic place.

Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises offer getaway destinations to islands such as Coco Cay and the Bahamas, but there’s no comparison when it comes to Castaway.

Whether guests are coming or going, though, they can expect a wink and smile from the cast as they assist travelers from the ship to the tram.

This summer, the residents, who number about 50, had to deal with the wrath of Hurricane Irene, which swept dangerously close to the island in mid-August.

Many of the castmembers stayed behind to ride out the storm and its 100-mile-per-hour-plus winds.

“We do have a crew hurricane shelter on Castaway Cay,” assured Rebecca Peddie, manager of public affairs for the Cruise Line.

As a precaution, though, many of the residents were evacuated.

On those days when there are no visits from Disney ships, most of the castmembers take a boat to one of the other nearby islands to visit family and friends and do some shopping.

Permanent island residents have their own living quarters, located behind several of the main guest facilities on the island, with wide property lines.

With the introduction of the Disney Fantasy early next year, DCL will have three ships plying the waters of the Caribbean on a fairly regular basis, which means Castaway Cay will be hopping come late March.