Flight Search App For Your iPhone

Flight Search – Fight app for your iPhone or other mobile device to search real-time planes.

This tool offers information about where the planes above are traveling, their altitude and angle against the horizon, how far away they are and the aircraft type.

To access this real-time inquiry, just type “flights overhead” into the Wolfram Alpha search box. If you’re using a desktop computer, Wolfram Alpha does its best to figure out your location automatically. If there are commercial planes in the sky above your location it will list lists them.

Clicking on any of the aviation titles gives more details — I can learn, for example, that American Airlines #621 flies between Seattle and Dallas/Fort Worth. People who reside in more populated areas will probably have better real-time results.

Chances are good that you have a solid roof over your head, so desktop inquiries probably isn’t the primary use case here. Going outside and using a mobile device will most likely get you better results. The same query works just fine on the mobile version of Wolfram Alpha.

Wolfram Alpha’s blog post says you can also use this feature to find out things like what you were looking at when you shot a photo out the window of your plane in mid-air.

This real-time flight inquiry is available for U.S. aviation only. This data comes from the Federal Aviation Administration, it only works on searches for planes that have at least one endpoint in the U.S.