Gun In Carry-On Gets Accidentally Fired At TSA Checkpoint

A gun that was found in a carry-on bag had accidentally fired inside the Atlanta airport. The TSA screener got more than he bargained for when passenger Richard Popkin came through his check-point.

He found a loaded .22-caliber Magnum revolver in the man’s bag. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes:

“While an Atlanta police officer responding to the scene tried to clear the five ‘snake’ shot bullets — small game pellet ammunition — in the handgun, a shot went off, according to an Atlanta Police incident report obtained from Hartsfield officials.”

“I was grazed by a pellet fragment on the left side of my face,” the officer says in a report quoted by CNN. “However, there were no visible injuries,” the officer adds in the report.

Thankfully, the gun was pointing down towards the screening table when it was accidentally fired.

As for Popkin, CNN quotes the police report as saying he initially intended to put the gun in his checked luggage but decided to remove it because he was afraid it would cause that bag to exceed his airline’s weight limit.

According to reports, the 43-year-old “was transported to the Clayton County Jail” and now “faces a charge of carrying a concealed weapon.”

Apparently, Popkin is one of many people who have accidentally forgot that they were carrying a fire arm. The TSA says the Atlanta incident is just one of more than 1,100 so far this year in which firearms have been discovered in carry-ons at airport security checkpoints across the nation. It is unknown how many people were present when the weapon was fired.