Gun Parts Found In Stuffed Animals At RI Airport

TSA officials stopped a man on Monday at a Rhode Island airport after it was discovered that his child was carrying several stuffed animals that contained parts and ammunition for a gun.

The unidentified man was traveling through the T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island and was headed to Detroit with his 4-year-old son when the weapon was found, according to authorities.

TSA found the separated parts of a .40 caliber gun and loaded clip in 3 stuffed dolls, a bear, rabbit and Mickey Mouse, that were all in one carry on bag that was put through the x-ray machine.

The man claimed to authorities, that were questioning him, that he was unaware of the weapon in his sons stuffed animals, and revealed he was in the middle of an intense custody battle and believes they were intentionally planted there to make it look bad for him.

“It appears to be the result of a domestic dispute,” said Rhode Island Airport Police Chief Leo Messier.

The TSA confiscated the items and allowed the man and his son to travel onto Detroit after he was checked out and deemed to not be a threat, though law enforcement officials were continuing to investigate the situation.

“This is just another example that threats can appear anywhere, and this is why TSA officers take a closer look at everything,” the agency said in a news release. “It’s also an example that shows that even though TSA has modified the screening process for children 12 and under, the security process is still just as effective.”

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