Meat Maggots On Plane Overhead

Maggots found on plane forces US Airways flight to return to the gate. A US Airways flight in Atlanta had to return to the gate because of spoiled meat found in an overhead bin on the air carrier. The tiny creatures were found crawling on passengers which the crew reported as a “minor emergency onboard” the plane.

“I heard the word ‘maggot’ and that kind of got everybody creeped out,” Passenger Donna Adamo said in a statement. “All of a sudden, I felt somebody flick the back of my hair and on the front of me came a maggot, which I flicked off me.” Most passengers were refusing to take their seats.

The tiny creatures were found in an overhead bin from a spoiled container of meat. US Airways returned the air carrier to the gate so the bin could be cleaned. A passenger had the container in a carry-on bag.

Once the flight returned to the gate, the passengers were asked to get off, and a crew boarded to clean up the mess. The flight then continued on to Charlotte, where the aircraft was taken out of service and fumigated. The passenger who brought the spoiled meat onboard was asked to take another flight.