Man Smoking Pot During Jet Blue Flight

Man is caught smoking pot during Jet Blue flight in the aircraft lavatory

A 43-year-old Los Angeles man said he had a medical marijuana license to smoke pot on a Jet Blue flight before he was arrested.

Adam Blumenkranz, was on a flight from Orlando to Newark when he got up to use the aircraft lavatory. As the plane began to make its descent into Newark a flight attendant knocked on the door to have Blumenkranz return to his seat. The flight attendant said Blumenkranz smelt strongly of marijuana when he exited the bathroom.

The flight attendant alerted the pilots who in turn contacted authorities on the ground. After landing Blumenkranz was met by police at the gate.

Blumenkranz told police that it was medicinal marijuana then proceeded to show them a pipe and the bag containing the pot, and even know Blumenkranz tried to explain that he was allowed to smoke it for medical reasons during his arrest.

Port Authority Police spokesperson, Al Della Fave, told The Star-Ledger in Newark, “You just can’t do that on a commercial airliner. You cannot smoke anything, regardless what the issue is.”

Blumenkranz, was later released after being charged with a misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance under 50 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Most aircraft lavatories on flights have smoke detectors that can determine if a passenger in smoking pot or a cigarette when traveling on a plane.

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