Multicopter Is Future Of Flight For Thomas Senkel

Multicopter – Thomas Senkel says a Multicopter could be the future of flight.

A German company is exploring the future of flight, hoping its prized gadget will one day function the same way as a family car – only in the air.

According to E-volo the multicopter is the first manned electric device to take flight.

Senkel, the pilot, utilized a hand-held wireless control unit to steer the spider-like contraption from a center-mounted seat.

The initial flight only lasted approximately 90 seconds, but potential flight time could last as long as 30 minutes.

A gas/electric hybrid copter could stay afloat for as long as an hour according to the company.

The company is working on a commercial version of the multicopter that would available in the next few years. No word on pricing or if you get the yoga ball thrown in for free.

The video below shows Senkel powering up the device – which is operated with a joystick – and maneuvering it above a field, staying in flight for one minute and thirty seconds.

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