Nude Picasso At Edinburgh Airport Removed From Terminal

Edinburgh Airport management changed their minds once again about the nude Picasso poster they have had on display in the main terminal.

On Tuesday, management of the airport decided that it was best to cover the “Nude Woman In a Red Armchair” poster as some passengers complained that it was too risqué to be hanging there. It was displayed there to help promote an exhibition at the Scottish Museum of Modern Art.

However, the airport choosing to cover it, sparked even more complaints by people who felt the decision to cover the poster was ridiculous and misguided. The Scottish Museum of Modern Art who is holding the exhibition called the airports decision to cover it “bizarre.”

John Leighton, Director-General of the National Galleries of Scotland said, “All kinds of images of women in various states of dress and undress can be used in contemporary advertising without comment.”

“But somehow a painted nude by one of the world’s most famous artists is found to be disturbing and has to be removed,” he added.

An Edinburgh Airport spokeswoman attempted to explain their decision was due to dissatisfied customers. Covering the poster was “a reaction to passenger feedback, which we do always take seriously.”

She added, “On reflection we are more than happy to display the image in the terminal, and we’d like to apologize, particularly to the exhibition organizers, for the confusion.”

The Picasso and Modern British Art exhibition will be running henceforth through Nov. 4, 2012 at the Edinburgh gallery.

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