​Passenger $1,400 Fees: Bags Left Over Fees

Author: Michael StevensBy:
Staff Reporter
Aug. 9, 2014

A passenger decided to leave four of his seven bags at the Seattle airport after he was told he had to pay $1,400 in baggage fees. The man refused to pay the fees, so he abandoned the luggage before boarding his flight to New York City.

However, leaving the bags unattended prompted authorities in Seattle to close its ticket counter and notify the bomb squad to investigate what appeared to be wires sticking out of the luggage.

Law enforcement officers met and questioned the man when the plane landed at Kennedy Airport Tuesday because of the abandoned bags.

It was later determined the luggage contained personal items.

“There was no criminal intent by the passenger,” an official familiar with the incident said. “This was strictly a customer service-related issue.”

The man was released after he was questioned in New York.

Leaving luggage unattended at any airport raises a lot of flags, and personnel are instructed to notify authorities of any luggage left behind.

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