Pilot trapped in toilet in midair bathroom

Pilot trapped in toilet in midair – What started out as a misunderstanding, involving a pilot being trapped, ended with fighter jets escorting an emergency landing over a simple bathroom. The New York-bound Delta Airlines jet was hijacked, or so they thought, until the landing.

According to reports, the pilot of a plane headed to JFK Airport Wednesday night found himself trapped inside the plane’s bathroom after the lock became jammed.

The pilot, who was not immediately identified, managed to make enough noise to attract a nearby passenger. He reportedly gave the passenger the security code to open the cockpit door to inform the co-pilot about the situation.

The passenger, who was described by the New York Post as having a heavy accent, frightened the co-pilot thinking he was being hijacked and prompted him to alert air traffic controllers who cleared him for an emergency landing.When the plane landed, FBI agents were on the ground waiting to investigate the incident.

After the trapped pilot was freed, he was able to ease the situation by explaining what had happened. No arrests were made.

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