Plane Crash Caught On Webcam In Arizona

Plane Crash Webcam – A Webcam captured the last moments of a plane crash in Arizona.

The FAA said the video captured the accident Wednesday night at around 6:40 p.m. local time.

The air carrier is not thought to be a commercial aircraft.

The crashed occurred into Arizona’s Superstition Mountains.

As it turns out, one Arizona resident was able to capture the crash via webcam, and immediately uploaded the footage onto YouTube.

The video unveils a burst of light and then smoke appears as the plane makes impact with the mountainside.

The crash has resulted in a fire and is currently being investigated.

You can see the aircraft in the air for some time on the video. The blinking light of the craft takes a turn at around :40 seconds into the video. The impact occurs at :53 seconds when the plane hit the mountains.