Plane ‘Flies’ Underwater To Ocean Depths

A new plane from Virgin Atlantic flies under the water for a hefty fee. Passengers onboard the Necker Nymph can view the Titanic at 12,600 feet in the cold Atlantic. Moreover, the vehicle is capable of reaching depths of 36,000 feet.

The cost to fly onboard the 3 passenger Necker Nymph submarine is only $88,000 a week to rent. The new plane is built to take wealthy riders down into the ocean depths. It can reach depths deeper than the height of Mount Everest.

The water vehicle was unveiled by British billionaire Richard Branson. The submarine is created with fighter jet technology. The cost for the Necker Nymph prototype was $664,000 to build.

Branson, 59, is also in the process of building a stronger model to travel up to 36,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. The current prototype can only reach 130 feet, which is still deep. “It is very similar to an airplane flying in the sea. You can literally do loop-the-loops,” Branson said.

He said the carbon fiber plane will be based at Necker Island, and he will offer ocean tours to vacationers. In December, Virgin Galactic also unveiled a commercial rocket plane designed to launch tourists into suborbital space. It is the first independent space program funded by a private company.

Building The Largest Travel Vacation Empire

Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson and aircraft designer Burt Rutan founded SpaceShipOne. The ship took the $10 million Ansari X Prize in 2004. Branson has been adventuress all his life and is now building a vacation empire that involves space and ocean-depth travel.