Publix Store Plane Crash – Customers Suffer Injuries

At a Publix In DeLand, Florida, a small plane crashed through the roof of the grocery store on Monday evening, injuring 5 people including 3 shoppers.

With it unclear what caused the aircraft to go down just half a mile away from the Airport, officials were beginning their investigation Tuesday morning.

The single-engine plane hit the Publix grocery store located in the Northgate Shopping Center on International Speedway Boulevard around 7:30 p.m. Monday. Witnesses in the area saw the plane as it seemed to be in trouble before hitting the store.

“I heard this aircraft go over, and I heard the engine backfire and quit, and I didn’t hear the engine recover,” witness Rod McDonald said.

“I was sitting on my back porch, and I just heard a big explosion,” another unidentified witness said. “I came out to see what it was and saw the smoke billowing out of the top of Publix.”

Miraculously, no one died in the crash, including the planes two passengers. Two people were treated and released from the hospital overnight while 3 more, including the passengers, where in stable condition and being treated for burns.

One unidentified shopper inside the store at the time said, “I was putting my food on the conveyor belt, and the lights went out and everything shook really bad. The whole ceiling caved in, and a big fireball just exploded. We all ran as fast as we could.”

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