Puppy Escapes On Runaway At La Guardia

A 14-month-old puppy bound for Memphis on Thursday, ended up escaping its cage before being loaded on a Delta flight and ran around the runway at La Guardia airport in New York.

When the 30-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Byrdie started running around the runway it caused delays at the airports by grounding flights during the 10 to 20 minutes it took while Port Authority officers tried to catch her.

“Byrdie got out of her cage and decided that Runway 31 would be the best place to get some exercise,” Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico said.

After the officers were unsuccessful in wrangling Byrdie, they found her owner, Austin Varner on the Delta plane the puppy was supposed to be loaded on and drove her out to the runway. “Byrdie came right to her,” Marsico said.

“She was just standing there,” Varner told The Post. “She didn’t want to come to them. But she came right to me, and we got her.”

Varner was also surprised by how far Byrdie had run, saying it was a long car ride from the plane to where her dog was.

After finally getting Byrdie back in her cage, Varner said that the employees for Delta took no chances and zip tied her kennel 20 times to make sure she could not get out again.

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