Safest Seat On Commercial Plane

Safest Seat On Plane? Many people believe that a plane has certain areas deemed the safest depending on where you’re seated. With that being said, most of them think that an aircraft plummeting out of control from the sky will kill everyone onboard.

Actually, the majority of air crashes involve something else: Survivors. Hard landings, bad takeoffs, runway collisions, pilot error, make up about 50 percent of accidents. Your chances of escaping may depend on where you sit.

Most travelers who die in survivable crashes aren’t killed by the impact. They die from toxic smoke inhalation immediately afterward. It’s a proven fact that getting out alive comes down to two factors: surviving the initial impact and getting out fast.

With that in mind, sitting in the middle of a huge jumbo jet along with 450 other passengers, is not a good idea, since you’re sitting over the center fuel tanks.

Always try and score a seat by an emergency exit near the rear of the aircraft. Here’s a quick rundown:

On a 757 – Safest areas: 10A, 10F. There are NO 9A or 9F seats to block your quick exit.

On a 747 – Rows 61 through 64, closest to the window.

On the MD80 – Safest seats: Rows 21 and 22 – roomy and away from the engines.

On a 737: As far to the rear as you can get.

Here’s something else that’s interesting. The airlines with the best safety records are: Southwest, Jet Blue and America West. Always choose a bigger aircraft because single engines account for 73 percent of all accidents and 68 percent of all fatalities.