Tinkerbell Costume Upsets Disney World – What Not to Wear – In Parks

Most people don’t always dress up in a Tinkerbell costume to visit Walt Disney World, but when one Tampa Bay teenage girl tried to enter, she was turned away and given the rules on what not to wear in theme parks.

A Magic Kingdom park official explained that the Peter Pan theme clothing was disruptive and could confuse other guests as employee uniforms. The teenage girl made a video out of the entire ordeal that has gone viral on the Internet. In fact, Orlando news station WKMG ran a story dubbed “Stinkerbell” on Tuesday, about the teenagers and their disappointing weekend trip.

In the story 15-year-old April Spielman fights back tears as she, explains how it took her months to hand make her Tinker Bell costume and her boyfriends Peter Pan outfit before their dream trip. She explained how she had to get up at 4 in the morning just to get ready, by doing her hair, nails, make-up, and covering her body in glitter. The video shows pictures taken of the happy couple in costume on their trip before their disappointing revaluation.

The reporter explains that on the first day to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the two teens were not bothered by employees about their costumes, but on the second day when they went to Animal Kingdom, they were denied entry, which crushed April’s spirits.

“It ruined my dream, because I just wanted to be Tinker Bell,” she tearfully says.

She said park officials told her the outfits looked too good, and that they would need to change into free clothes that Disney provided. A picture was shown of April after the news was broken to her with black mascara running down her face as she cried, still in her costume.

A Disney spokesman later said, “The costumes were disruptive to our operation and possibly confusing to our other guests, as children were asking to take photos with them. To make up for any inconvenience, we provided them with replacement clothing and assisted them with the rest of their visit in our parks.””

An upset April said, “It just broke my heart. I just didn’t want to take off the costume.”

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