Toddler And No-Fly List Embarrasses Family On Plane

An 18-month-old toddler and her family who, recently got kicked off a JetBlue plane after an employee told them their young daughter was on the no-fly list, are now looking for an explanation and apology.

The family of middle-eastern descent says they would like the airline to explain to them why they were embarrassed by JetBlue after they had already boarded the aircraft.

They were informed in front of the other passengers that they need to depart because their child, Riyanna, was on the list, according to a family spokesperson.

The family was headed to Newark, New Jersey from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Tuesday night, when they had to exit the plane, and after a half hour more of holding up the plane while trying to clear the misunderstanding up in the terminal with TSA officials, they were cleared to re-board with no explanation or apology for the inconvenience. However, by that the time, the family refused to re-board because they were too embarrassed to face the passengers again.

Rick Abbott the spokesperson told the AP, that the family is not seeking a lawsuit against the airline but would at least like an apology.

Abbott added that they felt like they were singled out because of their ethnicity.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration stated that they don’t have any record of the girl’s name being on the list.

JetBlue claims that their employee followed proper protocol.

The agency said if anyone was on the list, they would never have been allowed to obtain their boarding pass in the first place, which raises a lot of questions about the incident.

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