TSA Checked Luggage Reveals 81 Pounds of Pot

The TSA couldn’t believe their eyes when they screened someone’s checked luggage and found 81 pounds of marijuana. To be fair, pot isn’t on the TSA priority list compared to harmful things such as explosives.

However, if you pack your suitcases with 81 pounds of pot, airport security are very likely to notice. And that’s what happened to a 26-year-old woman last Friday. For some reason she thought checking the suitcases in was a safe way to smuggle all that weed.

She was arrested at Oakland International Airport after the TSA allegedly discovered marijuana in her three checked bags, according to the TSA. The Jackson, Mississippi, resident was attempting to fly from Oakland to Jackson, Mississippi, via Phoenix and Dallas.

“TSA screens every bag placed on an airplane, whether taken as carry-on or checked with an airline,” said TSA spokesman Ross Feinstein, via e-mail.
If officers find something that’s probably a crime, they refer it to local authorities, who can decide whether to arrest and prosecute travelers.

“As is common practice, TSA notified the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office of the discovery, who responded and took possession of the marijuana,” said Feinstein. “The passenger was subsequently arrested on criminal charges.”

A small bit of pot might not get you in trouble, according to some security officials.

Some 81 pounds of marijuana in three separate checked bags? That’s going to cause some trouble. Let’s say… a lot of trouble.

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