Funny TSA Stories

We all know how important it is to have security when we travel, but some of these stories about the TSA are either funny or a complete horror nightmare for passengers. Some actually go beyond security and airport protection.

One passenger compared his pat down by a TSA agent to “sexual assault.” This pat down of a male passenger caught on tape was invasive and inappropriate. Here are a few other funny TSA stories.

In Salt Lake City International Airport, an 8-year-old was being patted down by a TSA agent. The boy had removed his shirt and was shy and uncomfortable during the search and resisting the agents. His father had to hold his arms up to allow theagent to finish the search.

Bladder cancer survivor, Thomas Sawyer, was left “crying, humiliated and covered with his own urine,” after a TSA pat down in the Detroit International Airport. Sawyer uses a urostomy bag which collects his urine in a bag from an opening in his stomach. Agents had no interest in Sawyer’s medical condition, and even when he told them they would easily break his bag, they did it anyway, leaving Sawyer soaked.

Cathy Bossi, a flight attendant for U.S. Airways and a breast cancer survivor, was forced to show her prosthetic breast during a TSA pat down. The agent put her whole hand on Bossi’s breast asking what she felt and then asked to see it. Bossi said the experience was horrific.

John Tyner refused both the backscatter screening and the pat down in the San Diego International Airport. He told TSA agents and supervisors that the pat down was a violation of his rights and was illegal. He was then escorted out of the airport.

An ABC employee, Carolyn Durand, chose the pat down instead of the full body screen. Durand said the female TSA agent who performed her body search felt inside of her underwear. She described the situation as embarrassing and inappropriate.