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William and Kate Walking Tour In London

By: Jennifer Hong
Staff Writer
Jan 17, 2021

William and Kate Walking Tour - London romance. Prince William and Kate Middleton walking tour is open to the public in London. If you’re not invited to the wedding, you can be the royal couple’s footsteps for a price.

Among the hundreds of British firms hoping for a boost in business because of April’s royal wedding is Celebrity Planet, a London-based travel company offering a tour of sites with links to Prince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton.

The two-hour amble through a wealthy swath of London charts the highs and lows of the royal romance. One of the first stops is a branch of Jigsaw, the clothing chain where Middleton was working as a part-time accessories buyer in 2007 when William got cold feet and broke off their relationship.

“It was while she was working here that she got the dreaded call from Prince William saying he just wasn’t that interested,” said tour guide Hana Umezawa, 25. “She burst into tears in front of all her colleagues.”

More insights are on hand down the road outside Mahiki, a nightclub favored by the young and wealthy, and by paparazzi hoping to see them behaving badly — and where tabloids reported Prince William racked up a bar bill of 11,000 pounds in a week after the break-up. Fortunately for the British economy, by the end of 2007 the on-off romance that began when the couple were students at St. Andrew’s University was on again.

The announcement of their engagement in November unleashed a flood of business opportunities. Mills and potteries from China to Stoke-on-Trent have produced vast volumes of plates, tea towels and other commemorative trinkets. Tourist authority Visit Britain expects a surge in visitors this year because of the wedding, and airlines have already reported a boost in bookings out of the country for what will be a long weekend for most Britons.

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