Worst Dressed American Cities: Anchorage Tops List

Anchorage tops the worst dressed cities list by Travel and Leisure, while Salt Lake City climbs to second place. There were 35 cities polled and the results seem to dictate how people dressed for the weather and climate.

“You’re not going to wear high heels out when it’s been snowing six, eight, 10, 12 inches,” Natwick told the Associated Press. “You’re going to dress appropriately for the weather.”

Alaska had more than 11 feet of snow this past winter, surpassing a 60-year-old record.

“It’s really hard to be real stylish in February,” Fried said. “But you know, it’s easy to be stylish in LA in February.”

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan says the city is casual because of the climate and the type of rugged jobs people do in the area.

“We feel very comfortable dressing down, and at the same time, being comfortable in the climate,” said Sullivan, who wore a sport coat, dress shirt and Jerry Garcia tie to work Thursday. He joked he tries to dress “semi-mayoral on a daily basis.”

Sullivan notes that Anchorage was named No. 1 for jobs by Forbes this year, and the best winter city in America by “We’ll take the accolades along with the humorous other rankings.”

The Travel and Leisure poll put New York City at the top for fashion.

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