Zombie Theme Park To Replace Abandon Homes In Detroit

Industrialist Mark Siwak hopes to turn abandoned buildings in Detroit into a Zombie Theme Park in an attempt to terrorize patrons.

The 18th most populated city in the United States has had its population on the decline and mounting budget deficits, which has made it a research laboratory for experimenting with creative solutions.

With the topic of zombies in the news lately, Siwak’s idea for improving the city is catching quite a bit of attention. He would like to use acres to build a live-action zombie theme park in abandoned neighborhood’s in Detroit.

His hopes are that customers would come to his theme park called “Z World” to be chased by mobs of zombies and find it thrilling to have to seek shelter and hide. But, the experience doesn’t end once the guest are caught by these creatures; they then turn into a zombie and become a zombie themselves who then chases down their friends and other guest.

Siwak has already created a fundraiser on the international crowd funding site IndieGoGo, where he has brought in $2,200 of the $140,000 he needs.

“While zombies are great, the real neat thing about this project is the potential to inject some life into a forgotten neighborhood – with the opportunity to work with neighborhood groups and organization,” Siwak stated.

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