102 Bottles Of Nail Polish Stuffed In Man’s Sweatshirt

If 102 bottles of the latest nail polish is something you need, don’t try to stuff them into your sweatshirt and pants, which is what one man tried to do as he walked out of a Connecticut CVS.

Marco Gonzalez, 42, loves nail polish because he entered the store and tried to steal it. The store watched the suspect as he loaded his sweatshirt with the paint-stuff. They called the police once it was confirmed that he was stealing from their store.

The responding officer met with a CVS employee who identified Gonzalez as the thief.

Gonzalez “said that he did not plan on paying for the nail polish,” according to the officer who confronted him.

The CVS loss prevention officer gave a sworn statement that Gonzalez walked into the store’s aisle two “and started selecting and concealing Essie and Sally Hansen brand nail polishes into his sweatshirt.”

Gonzalez was transported to police headquarters, where he was charged with 5th-degree larceny.

The nail polish bottles, made by Essie and Sally Hansen, cost $8.49 each.

It would’ve been quite a steal because altogether, the nail polish totaled $865.98.

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