$2 Million Boston Victims Fund: Donors Still Need To Be Wary

About $2 million in donations have been raised for the Boston Marathon bombing victims from crowd-funding websites. The victims fund comes less than a week following the devastating incident that over a hundred injured and three dead.

While these crowd-funding websites may have raised a lot of money for these victims of the recent Boston tragedy, generous donors still need to be wary of where they are donating their money.

Major critics are already cautioning Americans who wish to donate to do so toward official organizations (including the new One Fund) rather that unknown sites or supporters. Yet nearly 25,000 people have already pledged various sums of moneyto such sites as YouCaring and GiveForward, which follow the Kickstarter model that raises money for a recent, particular cause.

Although many sites vouch for themselves as “self-policing” organizations, fraud experts, noted the report, said that donors must be careful of sending their money to potential con artists — and make sure that money is going specifically toward the Boston victims and restoration.

Yet in the wake of such a tragic bombing attack, the $2 million Boston victims headline shows the power of both international and American support for such a great cause, and how there are always good people willing to donate and help others.

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