​$3,800 In Dumpster Behind ‘Speedy Mart’ Building​​

By: | 04/11/2021 07:03 PM ET

Joe Ellis found $3,800 while scrounging through a dumpster in a Speedy Mart parking lot. He decided to turn it over to police, proving that some people still have a heart of gold.

It all started when he was looking for cans to recycle when he found a wad of cash tucked inside a plastic bag. There were several hundred dollar bills and three bank deposit slips.

“I didn’t think it was real,” Ellis told WKRN-TV.

The bank deposit slips didn’t have a name, so Ellis had no way of searching for the owner himself.

Ellis said he considered pocketing the cash, but decided to turn the bag into the Speedy Mart managers.

“I told them about what happened and I gave them the money and he was counting it out,” Ellis explained. “They said it was almost $4,000.”
“That’s too much money for me to find and not turn it in,” he said.

The managers contacted the police, who traced the bills back to their owner on Monday. Ellis said the money was thrown into the trash accidentally while the owner was cleaning his car.

The owner swung by to meet Ellis. Before he left, the unidentified man placed $400 in Ellis’ hands. Store manager Maulik Patel called Ellis a Good Samaritan.

“I can tell he’s a trustworthy person, you know,” Patel told WKRN. “He’s a nice guy.”