54 Loaded Guns At Airports Seized This Month By TSA

54 loaded guns were seized at airports last week at TSA security checkpoints. Among the seizures was a firearm strapped to the prosthetic leg of a male passenger at Salt Lake City International Airport.

“Unfortunately these sorts of occurrences are all too frequent which is why we talk about these finds,” TSA wrote on their website.

The seizures buried the previous mark of 50 guns, the TSA reported, and included 54 loaded weapons — 19 of which at rounds chambered.

Authorities said the passenger received a pat-down after an anomaly was detected during advanced imaging technology screening.

During the pat-down, officers discovered a fully loaded .22 caliber firearm inside the passenger’s boot and strapped to his prosthetic leg.

The man was arrested by Salt Lake City Airport Police on a state charge of “carrying a concealed weapon in a secure area.”

The transportation lobbying group AAA estimates that 2.3 million travelers were expected to fly during the Memorial Day weekend.

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