6-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 After Grandfather Collapses

A 6-year-old boy dialed 911 and saves his grandfather’s life in Haverhill, Massachusetts, after he collapsed at his home.

Charles Henderson, 47, said his grandson, Zach Powers, kept calm and called 911 when he was unable to reach his grandmother by phone. “He saved my life, without any question,” said Henderson.

Henderson tried recalling what happened that day on August 20th before the 911 call.

“We hit a couple buckets of golf balls, went to the store, and we came home. One thing led to another and, apparently, I went down,” Henderson said. That is when Zack took action, he said he knew what to tell police when he called 911.

“I told them where to go, and they had a radio for the things. I told them my yellow house next door,” the 6-year-old boy said.

According to Officer Penny Portalla, Zack greeted the officers when they arrived and told them that his grandfather had to use needles every day.

That information led the 911 EMTs to check Henderson’s blood sugar, which had a dangerously low reading of 25. The EMTs treated Henderson, reviving him before he was transported to Merrimack Valley Hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery, Portalla said.

“His grandmother had talked to him about calling 911 and that morning,” Henderson said.